Current Ambassador Needs

Smiles (operations)

  • Concierge: (This role will help document the Personalized Path to Positivity survey results by reviewing survey and inputting results in Google Docs). Location: from your home. Skills: comfortable with Google Docs and basic comfort with Internet. Time: 1 to 2 hours a week.
  • Social Media Mavens: (So you know you away around social media from the backend? Identify best times to post, help drive traffic, help create and implement social media plan). Location: from your home. Skills: advanced social media skills. Time: 1 to hours a week.
  • Graphic design: (Able to create banners, and social media memes? We want you!). Location: From your home. Skills: graphic design skills, PhotoShop etc. Time: 1 to 5 hours a week.
  • Web programmer: We are looking for someone who can create a program that allows Global Free Huggers to sign up and then their first name shows up in their location on a map – most likely Google Maps. Location: your location. Skills: programming skills. Time: no idea 🙂
  • Webmaster: Maintaining website on updates etc. Location: your location. Skills: WordPress. Time: 1 to 5 hours a month.
  • Guest Bloggers: If you have a positive message to share that will inspire others and would like it published on our blog and linked back to you, let us see what you have. Location: your location. Skills: Inspirational writer. Time: Weekly writing, monthly writing, occasional, that depends on you.

Hugs (events)

  • Social event planner: Are you heading out to something fun? Do you want to plan a picnic, a game night? Whether you are inviting people to a pre-planned local event or creating one, we love offering social events for people to get to know each other too. Location: Chicago or suburbs. Skills: Outgoing, social personality. Time: Depends per event, but we’d love to see each person offer one event a month.
  • Give Back event planner: We would love to be of service to other organizations – we’ve played bingo at a senior center, we’ve cleaned up an area before, but we need people willing to create/lead these opportunities. Location: Chicago or suburbs. Skills: Outgoing social personality. Time: Depends per event, but we’d love to see each person offer one event a month.

High Fives (promoters)

  • Are you on Facebook? Join us on our Positive Focus, Carol CC Miller and Global Free Hug pages and like, comment and share. Help us build our audience.
  • Are you on Twitter? We would love someone to tweet for us as it’s currently attached to our Facebook page and doesn’t get the attention it deserves
  • Pinterest? We have a page but don’t do much with it. Would love someone who would like to help grow it.


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NOTE: We are always looking for dedicated fun loving people to join our core team if you want even more involvement in helping nurture and grow the vision, so let us know how you’d like to join the team.