Kindness Event Ideas

Below are a few individual and group event suggestions for you to choose from. Please note ALL events are coming from a place of non-judgment. We aren’t here to make someone right or wrong, we are here to ignite the light on kindness.

FORGIVENESS: Every moment offers the opportunity to forgive. Today and everyday forgive someone or yourself by knowing that true forgiveness allows you to heal and move forward. Forgiveness is the kindest gesture you can do for YOU.

FREE HUGS – Free hugs is a regular occurrence at Positive Focus and we host a global event in May each year. Why not share your kindness with a free hug event spreading kindness through the simply gesture of a free hug.  What is needed: Free hugs signs, a public place that has people walking around, and an open heart to offer free hugs. 

KINDNESS VIGIL – Gather a group together at sunrise or sunset and choose to have a candlelight vigil. Perhaps you spend some time in silence with everyone thinking about how they can be kinder in their own life while sending kind and loving thoughts to people dealing with conflict. You could choose to have someone speak on the merits of kindness and gather to hear music, poetry, etc.

KINDNESS MEDITATION – Gather a group together with the intention of meditating on the subject of kindness. It could be time in silence or it could be a guided meditation.

OTHER IDEAS – If you have other ideas on sharing kindness, please let us know.


PUBLIC EVENTS – These events you agree to allow people to sign up and join you. These events will be listed on the website and will include: Date, time, location, type of event, and an email address to get more information and to sign up for the event.

PRIVATE EVENTS – You may still have a group gathered, but it’s a particular group of people you know and not open to the general public. The nature of the kindness movement, we hope you choose to open it up to the public.

RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION: If you would dedicate a few minutes of your service to the topic of kindness we would greatly appreciate it. You can certainly do something outside of service as well.

INDIVIDUAL EVENTS – You still want to participate in the Ignite the Light weekend yet would prefer to do it on your own.

NOTE: For all your public events, make sure the place is public property or make sure to get permission to use the space.