Our Values

Our Core Values: Are infused in everything we think, speak, and do as an organization and as a community. First and foremost, we EMBODY our values.  

Value Definition
BE Positive We believe by focusing on the silver lining of life, celebrations are heightened and sorrows are lessened.
Be Kind and Spread Kindness   We believe by focusing on kind thoughts, words, and actions brings happiness to the kindness giver as much as the receiver.  Sharing a smile, a kind word, or a hug can and often is the positive shift in someone’s life. 
Be of Service and Provide red carpet service We believe by focusing on serving others from a space of “All is Well” that we can provide red carpet service allowing you to feel you are walking the red carpet in YOUR life.
Cultivate Positive Relationships and Communities We believe by focusing on the good in yourself and others, goodness expands and positive relationships and communities are born.
Inspire and be Inspired We believe by focusing on and embodying positivity, our thoughts, words and actions inspire. As we focus on others positive thoughts, words, and actions, we too are inspired.
Focus on Fun We believe by focusing on our passion and purpose of shining light on the beauty in others and the world, life naturally becomes graceful, gentle, kind and FUN.
Be Passionate and Purposeful We believe by focusing on living a passionate and purposeful life, life is filled with deeper love, laughter, happiness, and prosperity. 
Embrace change and continued growth We believe by focusing on and embracing the fact life is ever evolving, challenges are lessened, victories are heightened, and positive growth occurs. 
YOU MATTER We believe by focusing on nurturing your internal self-worth, that every aspect of your life shines forth which in turn has a positive effect on others and the world.