Sign Kindness Contract

By including your name on this list, you are agreeing to kindness by focusing your thoughts, words, and actions on: 

  • Love over fear
  • Abundance over lack
  • Diversity over difference
  • Health over illness
  • Peace over conflict

Focus on what is going well in your life, in the life of others, and in the world. Send love to yourself, others, and the world in situations of conflict as love is the answer.

When you focus on deeper love, laughter, and happiness in your personal life and piece of the world, you inherently increase love, laughter, and happiness globally.

You are human, fear will visit, just don’t invite it to move in. Be gentle with yourself and others along this journey we call – life. xxx

Big hugs,


PF Founder & Vision Keeper

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PS: You can also sign up to show your support in the Kindness Movement by sharing a selfie and by being involved in a Kindness Event on November 1st and/or 2nd.

NOTE: The form doesn’t always seem to work. Please feel free to email me the information instead at as I don’t want this silly form to dissuade you from joining us. Big hugs – Carol

  • Let us know where you are choosing kindness at.
  • Phase 1 - I Choose Kindness

    Step 1: Take a selfie with an I Choose Kindness sign and send it to telling us your first name. If it's a group picture, have the sign say we choose kindness and send first names. Step 2: If you have a website, feel free to send it in the email with your picture and I will post it with the picture so people can learn more about you and your business (if the site isn't aligned with kindness, we won't post). Step 3: Make your photo your FB profile picture letting others know you choose kindness and share the movement with others. .
  • Phase 2 - Participating in the Kindness weekend, Nov. 1st & 2nd, 2014

  • Are you organizing a public kindness event (one that people you don't know can join?). If yes, how can they learn more about the event so I can add it to the PF event page? Can I share your email address for more information? Or do you have some other way for them to contact you? Unless you give your permission to share your email address, your email address is only or Positive Focus newsletter that goes out weekly. I rarely email more than once a week.
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