About I Choose Kindness

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 Choosing kindness seems simple right? We all want to be kind and many of us say and feel we are kind, yet do we realize how often we step into fear based thoughts, words, and actions through judgment? We hear of a tragedy occurring and immediately go into blame, worry, and judgment – often without even knowing all the facts. We want to right that wrong immediately so we can feel safe and secure in our world. We want it resolved and those responsible to pay. I can certainly knee-jerk into fear when first hearing of a tragedy.

I certainly believe in consequences to actions. I also believe in compassion for all involved and rather than focus on justice, let’s focus on cause as well and create positive solutions so we don’t further fan the fear flames that show up as anger, violence, hate, and so on.

Life offers us choices, some easy, some hard. We could focus on the tragedies that occur, or we can choose to focus on kindness in our personal lives and in the lives of others. It is easy to focus on the tragedies the world faces, yet with intention and awareness, it’s possible to focus on the goodness the world has along with sending love, compassion, and kindness to areas facing adversity.

That is why the I Choose Kindness project was born, to offer compassion and love as we heal and move forward. When you hear of a tragedy, rather than fueling the fire with ‘how could they’ thoughts, words, and actions, send love. People hurting hurt others. Yes they have consequences, yet let’s look at the person rather than their monstrous actions. 

Let’s choose kindness in the simplest of times so when we are faced with deep adversity we are better equipped to face it with love and kindness rather than fear and judgment. Let’s choose to uplift others rather than tear them down. Let’s choose to help rather than hinder. Let’s choose to collaborate rather than compete.

Choose kindness today in your life. Why?


Please join the kindness movement by signing the kindness contract, sending a I choose kindness picture, and participating in our annual kindness weekend held the first weekend in November.