Global Free Hug Ambassadors


Have you heard about our Global Free Hugs annual event? The first full weekend of May the world gathers to spread love and kindness through the simple gesture of a free hug to let everyone know THEY MATTER.

Check out our Global Hug Ambassadors and contact the one nearest you. 


LOCATION Name Contact
Overall Carol
Singapore Shan
Switzerland Yago
CA – Montreal Francine
US – Florida Loretta
US – Illinois Lori
US – IL/Midwest Lena
US – Kentucky Lorna
US – New Jersey Joshua
US – Oregon Paul
Peru Patricia



Language: English

My passion and purpose is to have a positive impact on millions of people shining light on the infinite possibilities and love that surrounds them. That’s why I founded Positive Focus and created Global Free Hugs day. I also love the water, especially sailing, going to live events, visiting friends and family, and spending time with my dog. 🙂

WHY FREE HUGS: I started doing free hugs in January 2008 and created Global Free Hugs that fall by simply emailing organizations, people who had posted free hug videos on YouTube and any other person I could think of. It’s truly my favorite event and every time I stand outside and offer free hugs, I realize that I get back so much more than I give.