Global Hug Ambassador


Are you a hugger? One of our favorite things at PF is spreading kindness through the simple gesture of a free hug.


On the first full weekend of May we produce Global Free Hugs and could use YOUR help spreading the word and bring more awareness to our global hug initiative. Let’s show world citizens that they matter!


The time commitment is up to you as you could spend a lot of time actively promoting the event, or you could tell your personal friends and family about it and sharing the event that way.


Help us reach our intentions:

  • Huggers on each continent
  • As many countries as possible
  • All 50 US states
  • Peace leaders joining us


How can you help as a Global Hug Ambassador? (a few suggestions)

  • Reach out to people you know and invite them to participate
  • Reach out to like-minded organizations and ask if they will participate
  • Let people know whats involved day of event
  • Once they sign up, send name/city/state/country and email address to to be added to the global hug list.
  • Remind them to take pictures and send to above email address after the event or have them forward to you and you can send them on.





MEET: Francine

Location: Montreal, CA


Languages: French, English

I’m the Country Coordinator for Humanity’s Team Canada (…a movement working for awakening people to the fact that we are all ONEI’m a grandmother doing volunteer work to help spread our message of Oneness.

Why Free Hugs: Giving free hugs is so uplifted and it brings me a great occasion to believe in the goodness of people. Knowing that everywhere in the world there is somebody hugging for the same reasons is very encouraging. Let’s Peace prevails on Earth!


RizzosMEET: Rizos

Location: Athens, Greece


Languages: Greek , English

I’ve been hugging since 2010. Started with some other friends after watching the “Free Hugs Campaign” video on YouTube, which we found really interesting. Since then we’ve been organizing events 4 or 5 times a year in which more than 50 people come and hug!

Why Free Hugs: My life’s dream is to understand the world and help make it a better place for everyone. A hug, if given by someone who really means it, can have a tremendous impact on not only the current mood of the receiver, but also at the way he/she perceives life. Free Hugs is also a great way of meeting new, interesting people and have fun with them even after the event.

Don’t hesitate to contact be about any question you may have. *HUG* 


Shan MEET: Shan

Location: Singapore (but will be in Egypt during Global Hugs 8)


Languages: English, Mandarin

I grew up with lots of love supported by loved ones; and has been blessed to meet wonderful kind souls who guided me with precious life experiences in living my life mission – to heal and transform lives. As a therapist, life coach and energy healer (and positive motivational cheerleader!), it’s my joy to pay it forward to inspire and touch lives by walking my talk .

Why Free Hugs: I firmly believe in the positive strength, kindness and support behind all hugs. Given from the positive intent of love and light, each hug embodies the belief in mankind as a step closer towards Oneness and Collective Consciousness. We are all connected – and hugs connect Hearts to bridge differences and bring about healing.



MEET: Patricia

Location: Peru


Languages: Spanish, English, French


Patty became a global hugger in our third global even and has joined us ever since. She’s a positive person who loves to empower people, what better attributes could we ask for?! Patty is passionate about traveling and has traveled extensively in Europe, North America and Latin America. In her free time she loves to swim, cycle, and practice tai-chi. She is also an active facilitator for DH Facilitadores ( and belongs to the Consultant Committee of ARGOS (DH Facilitators NGO)

Why Free Hugs: To me Global Free Hugs means:














Sensation of being a human



Meet: “Yago” Yves-Alain Golaz

Location: Switzerland


Languages: French, English and some basic Italian & German

Meet Ambassador: Hugger since 2006, I still organize sessions twice a week in Lausanne & Sion (Switzerland) on Wednesdays and Fridays in train stations. I use to make it for something like 3h each time and I’ve sometimes some friends with me (or some people I don’t know who wanted to join for a moment), but I usually do it alone.
Several times during the year I organize some other sessions, or just attend to existing ones in the whole country.

Why Free Hugs: Free hugs for me are a real way of life. I love sharing smiles and joy with everybody… And there’s so much other things to share, but if you’re hugger you definitely know what I’m talkin about and if you’re not yet, you’ll experienced that.
I’m already part of Global Free Hugs since a few time. Carol could tell you more about that, but It’s about two years. Organizing events in Switzerland and helping for some others in France &/or Belgium.


lori duvalMEET: Lori

Location: Illinois, Bolingbrook


Languages: English

One of the things that I enjoy most in life is meeting people from all over the world, of various ages, and from all walks of life. There is so much that we can learn simply by interacting with new people who each have such unique life experiences. 

Why Free Hugs: Sharing a good hug with another person is an amazing way to connect in a genuine and meaningful way and it is such a quick and easy way to spread positive vibes. And, the added bonus is that every single time you give a hug, you get one in return!!



 MEET: Paul

Location: Oregon – Portland


Languages: English

My mission in life is to “touch hearts, challenge minds, and incite laughter.” If I am doing that, I am giddy. I enjoy being outside, taking advantage of the beauty of the Northwest. I am a trainer and college adjunct instructor.

Why Free Hugs: I have been doing “free hugging” for a few years now. I believe a lot of people could use hugs and I love giving them. Seems like a perfect match. I firmly believe it is not the number of hugs each time, but each time there is at least one person who really needed a hug. That is why I was there that day. Come hug with me. I will tell you lots of stories.