Consider Yourself Hugged!

Why Hugs?

To  share a moment of kindness with another heightening their celebrations and lessening their sorrows.

Global Free Hugs 2013

Why Hugs?

To take a moment and slow down to SEE people and acknowledge they matter.

Why Hugs?

To bring global citizens together to see our similarities rather than our differences and love each other and the world up.


Are you ready to join a movement that is loving up the world one hug at a time? Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and be willing to share a smile, a kind word, and a hug with those you don’t know? Join our movement of connecting people around the world together with free hugs and be part of adding more kindness to the world one hug at a time. We see you. We hear you. You matter to us!

Make a free hug sign. Find a public location that has people walking by. Then grab a few friends and being ready to have a FUN and meaningful day. *Take pictures and send to us so we can include them in our HUG album over on our Facebook page.

 Sign up now for our next world event, May 1 – 3, 2020

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Global Hug Map

Heart – Registered for current global hug event.

Sun –  Past global huggers

√ – Registered but I didn’t hear back from them.

*Locations include those who official signed up via above form.

Global Free Hug Videos Through The Years

Loving The World One Free Hug At A Time.

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