I Choose Kindness

We Choose Kindness

The I Choose Kindness is a movement allowing people to stand up for kindness and seeing love over fear, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict. The movement is about showcasing the kindness currently going on in the world and sending love to areas in conflict whether it be a neighborhood, a country, or a region.

How can you become part of the kindness spreaders?

(1): Take a selfie of you with a sign that reads

  • I Choose Kindness, include location
  • Send your name – first name only needed and location
  • If it’s a group picture have sign read We Choose Kindness
  • Optional
    • Send a sentence or two of why you choose kindness
    • Send your website URL to be included in the post
  • During the annual global event (first Saturday of November) make the selfie your Facebook profile picture.


(2): Participate in Annual Global Event (first Saturday of November)

  • Change your Facebook profile picture to your I Choose Kindness pic in Nov.
  • Create a kindness event in your community to spread kindness (see event ideas for help).

NOTE: By sending a picture, you are agreeing to stand up for kindness in your own life and being an example of what kindness would think, speak and do. Will you be perfect at it, not if you are human, but by agreeing to this movement, you will return to kindness through awareness.

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