Positivity Ambassadors

We love our Positivity Ambassadors and we know you will love them too!  Our smile facilitators help with operations and events; our hug ambassadors are involved in our Gives Back programming, while our High Five ambassadors share our mission/vision with people within their circles of fun. We always love positive, passionate and purposeful people joining our team, so if you love what we’re about and what to join us, CLICK HERE and read about ways to be involved. 

 Barbie – Hug Ambassador

To contact Barbie: martinez.blm@gmail.com 

The reason Barbie loves Positive Focus is because the organization stand for values that are very dear to her: compassion, social justice and service. She came to her first PF event in the Spring 2008, which was a free hugs event. Since then Barbie has become an ambassador of free hugs around the country, especially in NYC where she used to live for 2-years. She lives and works in Chicago and has been volunteering for different local and national non-profit for more than a decade, including the Red Cross first responder, Running Red (the Greater Chicago Red Cross Fundraising marathon running team,) Chicago Cares, Chicago One Brick and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Barbie also gives back to the community through her job. As the National Education Manager for New Futuro, a company that helps Latinos get to college and beyond, she manages the relationships with universities, community colleges and trade schools across the country in order to provide Latino students with a wide and diverse selection of higher education, possibilities. 


cathy landerholmCathy – Hug and High Five Ambassador

To contact Cathy: cathyerica1@gmail.com

About Cathy: Cathy has been involved with Positive Focus for six years by volunteering her talents at monthly Hug events, Sack Lunch events , Serving the Homeless and Medical Tent Volunteer at Running events.  With professions in Accounting and as a Patient Care Technician,  Cathy is able to help people both professionally and with loving care via Hospice work and Elder care. Cathy volunteers with many important and vital organizations throughout Chicago. Cathy strongly believes in the vision and beliefs of all Positive Focus participants.  Through Positive Thoughts and Paying It Forward, Cathy has personally seen how lives can be changed in so many wonderful ways. To be able to pay it forward and share this vision with others, in any small way, gives her a feeling of  Infinite Love and Gratitude


Fenesha – Smile Ambassador

Role: Tuesday Teachings Facilitator

About Fenesha:  A former colleague describes Fenesha Hubbard as an “influential educator who infuses the business of growth and education with an undeniably creative spirit”. As a “mathemagician” of learners ages 7 to 70, she made mathematics come alive for students by connecting the content to their lives. Now she works her magic as an “empowermagician”, helping you make left brain decisions with right mind guidance.  She leads a monthly Tuesday Teachings discussion group that focuses on intuition and metaphysical healing.

To learn more about Fenesha, visit her website: http://fenesha.com


Jim – Smile Ambassador

Roles: PF Webmaster

To contact Jim: jim@positive-focus.com

About Jim: Jim has been involved with Positive Focus for years by volunteering his talents as our Webmaster. We’re so grateful to his help as well as love how he helps out with our Gives Back programming by often attending and/or leading our monthly Just Harvest Event and twice-monthly Free Hugs events. Thanks Jim!


Kathleen MooreKathleen – Smile Ambassador

Role: Calendar Coordinator

To contact Kathleen: kathleenmoore13@gmail.com

About Kathleen: Kathleen joined her first PF event, Tuesday Teachings, back in August of 2010 and has been hooked on PF ever since. Kathleen strongly believes in the power of manifesting and living a positive, happy life. Kathleen lives in San Francisco, is an avid scuba diver and a world traveler who’s always looking for the next adventure.


melissaMelissa – High Five Ambassador

To contact Melissa: honeybeehappy@ymail.com

About Melissa: Melissa attended Indiana University for the first two years of undergraduate studies and finished her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Melissa has helped work with many different kinds of individuals including: men with HIV at Howard Brown Health Center, children with spinal cord injuries & cleft lip and palate at Shiners Children’s Hospital, and for 7 years closely worked with patients in the ophthalmic setting.  During these visits many people would naturally open up to Melissa.  It is then, where she truly embraced her innate ability to facilitate care and healing.  Melissa is passionate about human potential, growth & development.   She believes that given just One opportunity, one individual can help affect hundreds and even thousands.  She is going for that opportunity!  Melissa has been blessed from the Divine to pursue her path of higher purpose and service as a Reiki Practitioner, Oneness Blessing Giver, & Higher Brain Living® Licensed Facilitator.  She has also been offering amazing hugs, a sweet smile, and a loving heart with Positive Focus for the past 2 years.  And with Positive-Focus all things are made possible.  =)


 Michael- High Five Ambassador

To contact Michael: michael@showcase-chicago.com

About Michael: Michael exudes what Positive Focus stands for – living a positive and passionate life. He came to his first PF event in the spring of 2008, which was free hugs and has since become our Santa Hugger for Holiday Hugs. He is one of our biggest cheerleaders and lives the principles we teach. Michael lives and works in Chicago and has become an avid cyclist and often does long distance rides to support AIDS/HIV research and support.

To learn more about Michael, visit his website: www.showcase-chicago.com


Paul ZavagnoPaul – Smile Ambassador

Role: Tuesday Teachings Facilitator

To contact Paul: pzavagno@gmail.com

Paul William Zavagno, a retired teacher/principal of 30 years has had a fondness for transformational approaches for decades. In recent years Paul has been radically impacted by the work of John Main, Richard Rohr, Eckhardt Tolle, Stephen Levine, Jon Kabat-Zinn, David Hawkins, Adyashanti, Byron Katie and A Course in Miracles.  He attended programs at Landmark Education, The Grail, and The School for the Work.

 His journey has given him experience in supporting people and groups dealing with change, marriage, relationships, parenting, education, leadership, teaming, as well as struggles with addiction, fitness, and retirement. He is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and looks forward to bringing it to educators around the world. 

Paul lives part of the time in Deerfield, Illinois and Sedona, Arizona.

To learn more about Paul, visit his website: www.http://isnessismybusiness.org