PF Founder

Hi, I’m Carol, also known as CC, and I love sharing the power of positivity, kindness, and hugs with everyone I meet.

While the majority of my life I have been a positive person, I didn’t always feel ‘seen’ or ‘heard’ and sometimes struggled to know if I mattered in the world. You see, I am vertically challenged at standing 4’10”. It wasn’t until a good friend told me as we walked into my favorite sandwich shop, a shop I knew I was yet again going to be overlooked because of their high counters, she said that I walk in knowing I wouldn’t be seen. That was a lightbulb moment for me! I was focusing on exactly what I didn’t want to happen! That moment didn’t lead me to PF, but it did lead me into owning my personal power and light.

Several years, lots of reading and taking courses later, I knew I wanted to help others feel seen, to feel heard, and to know they mattered in the world.  Positive Focus was born to help people see love over fear, health over conflict, abundance over lack, and peace over conflict.  Then came free hugs and a new level of commitment was born.

I began free hugs shortly after I started Positive Focus and before PF became a 501c3. In 2008, NOT a hugger myself, I stepped out of my comfort zone and offered free hugs on a cold January day in Chicago. I continued offering hugs and it wasn’t long at all that I felt the power of free hugs. In that moment, even for a brief time, I was able to SEE people and let them know they mattered.  I created Global Free Hugs later that year to bring people together for a moment of time to embrace each other. Archbishop Desmond Tutu joined twice. I am forever changed because of free hugs and it has helped me grow into the coach, speaker, and person I am today.

You are so very worth being LOVE in action and I hope Positive Focus and I can inspire you to do just that.

If you would like to be part of the positive movement, consider donating and/or volunteering.

Big big hugs,

Carol CC Miller

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