PF History

Where We Began

  • 2006, six people gathered to brainstorm ideas on starting a business and building awareness to the power of our thoughts using Law of Attraction to live our best lives was chosen.  Three of the six continued with  that vision.


  • 2007, Positive Focus was born, and our website was launched.  By springtime, we began hosting our first event series – a book club.  Early summer brought about some significant change as two individuals chose to pursue other interests, and then there was only one holding the Positive Focus torch.


  • 2008 brought new souls in and out of leadership roles, further growing the vision and solidifying our structure. The new energy allowed us to commit to hosting 20+ events to our schedule, and our categories of Mind-Body-Spirit, Service-Charity, and Fun-Social were born.  By the summer of 2008, the decision was made to pursue a 501c3 status, as service was a key component of Positive Focus, so it seemed like a natural fit.  In the fall of 2008, our very first global event was createdGlobal Free Hugs (GFH), and it has continued every six months since (In 2011 GFH was moved to an annual event held the first full weekend in May).


  • 2009 brought more growth, expansion, and education as we became a 501c3 organization.  We continued to nurture our favorite events while also creating new ones to add to the calendar.

  • Since that time, we continue to be a grassroots organization bringing in new talent and passion helping us spread positivity. We are excited to continue to offer affordable, positive events while allowing PF to spread its wings and SOAR, creating positivity all over the world.


Where We Are

  • We are a 501c3 volunteer organization (accepting tax-deductible donations), with board members continuing to grow the organization.

  • We are a high-energy, active, volunteer community offering events in Chicago through Mind-Body-Spirit, Service-Charity, and Fun-Social events, along with hosting and organizing global events.

  • We are thought leadership change agents sharing positivity with all those we meet.

  • We are currently a virtual community, hosting our events in members’ homes, local coffee shops/restaurants, teleclasses/webinars, and rentable space.


Where We Are Going

We are going global while allowing that to show up in the easiest and best fashion.

PF Programming

Community Chapters: It’s our intention to grow PF by having physical locations in communities looking for a boost of positivity.  See Start a PF Chapter for further details. 

Global Community: Connect all local communities together on global events and host global book clubs through webinars, tele-classes, and conferences, bringing the world closer together one positive event at a time.