Positive Focus Code of Kindness

Positive Focus’ Code of Kindness


All involved in Positive Focus (board members, leadership team, chapter leads and ambassadors adhere to Positive Focus’s Code of Kindness.

Positive Focus Core Beliefs on making a positive difference globally:

  • Choosing to be a personal demonstration of how positivity has enhanced your life.
  • Choosing kindness over judgment – you’ve made a difference.
  • Choosing love over fear – you’ve made a difference.
  • Choosing possibilities over challenges – you’ve made a difference.
  • Choosing to have a positive focus, your challenges are lessened and your opportunities are heightened.


We believe:

  • In speaking from our own experience rather than telling people how they ‘have’ to think, see or do things.
  • In approaching all that we do from a positive focus (example: rather than fighting a disease, we speak on pro health; rather than fighting poverty, we speak on abundance; rather than fighting war, we speak on peace).
  • That what you focus on is what expands
  • That life is about choice rather than good/bad, right/wrong and each choice has consequences
  • That being positive doesn’t mean everything is perfect but rather we see the gem in the challenges and place our focus there.
  • All is well in the world as there are far more loving people than fearful ones
  • In seeing the world as 1 person 7 billion times and putting a face to them rather than a populace.
  • In being respectful even during challenges and disagreements. Positivity doesn’t mean agreeing all the time, but rather approaching differences from a space of love, compassion and forgiveness.


We are a fun-loving dynamic group of people who love sharing positivity while letting people know they matter. If that’s you, join the team movement. 

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh ~ Hug


PF Founder & Vision Keeper