Volunteer Your Time & Talents as a Positivity Ambassador

Why get involved with Positive Focus?

The best way to support your own personal growth in positivity is to be of service to others and surround yourself with like-minded fun loving people. Share your talents and passions as a POSITIVITY AMBASSADOR.

What is a Positivity Ambassador?

A Positivity Ambassador is a nonvoting board member who believes in and loves our mission and wants to be part of the team growing positivity locally, nationally and globally. 

Ambassador Requirements & Expectations:

  • To be a personal example of having a positive focus in your life heightening celebrations and lessening sorrow
  • To believe in and adhere to Positive Focus’ Code of Kindness.
  • Board meetings: Not required unless you are involved in a specific project and then you’ll be invited to attend. You can ask to attend any executive meeting if interested.
  • Social media – if you are on social media, it is greatly appreciated for you to join the PF social media outlets, like/share etc to help grow our audience and simply be active in the virtual community
  • Advocate for PF by letting your network know who we are, what we are doing and invite them to join in.

*NOTE: Although the ambassador program is self directed, those listed on the website have agreed to take leadership roles whether it be hosting events, active in our gives back programming, helping with organizational efforts and are responsive to correspondence from PF.

(ALL PF roles comes with a heaping dose of love and appreciation.)

Smile Ambassadors: Help Positive Focus at the operational level.

  • Marketing assistance
  • Social Media assistance
  • Fundraising – grant writing
  • Web & Internet assistance


Hug Ambassadors: Help support our event from actively attending and/or planning events to uplift and inspire people to live life fully.

  • Tuesday Teacher Facilitators
  • Gives Back Coordinator: Oversee/help plan or Gives Back Programming
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Coordinator: Oversee/help plan our mind-body-spirit events
  • Fun-Social Coordinator: Oversee/help plan for fun-social events
  • Gives Back Volunteers: Be part of the gives back team so we can grow and add more service oriented events to the calendar
  • Event planners


High Five Ambassadors: Help as PF Cheerleaders and share tour mission within their network to encourage people to join Positive Focus events’ and spreading global positivity.  

Don’t see it: That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to have you help spread kindness and positivity. Let us know how you would like to be involved.

WANT TO JOIN US? Email hugs@positive-focus.com and tell us a little bit about yourself and why/how you want to be involved in Positive Focus. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to a team spreading positivity globally.