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Global Free Hugs, (GFH), spreading kindness through the simple gesture of a free hug,  is held the first full weekend of May. Organized and ran by Positive Focus, NFP and inspired by the original free hugger Juan Mann, GFH embraces diversity while spreading love and kindness one hug at a time to let others know they matter.

Global Free Hugs Day Intentions:
Huggers on each continent
Huggers in as many countries as possible
Huggers in all 50 states hugging
Peace leaders around the world joining hugging and sharing this vision with their group

How to join the movement and participation requirements: 

  • A willingness an an open heart
  • A free hug sign
  • A public place to offer free hugs to those walking by – enlist friends or go by yourself
  • Take pictures and email them to hugs@positive-focus.com or post on the Positive Focus Facebook Event page.
  • Share the stories of your experience on the Facebook event page or via email.
  • We encourage you to make this a public event and offer hugs to strangers, however, we love that you want to be included and sharing hugs with your family. Still send those pictures and if there is room, they will be included on the video.

Note: You will find that lots of people will walk by without getting a hug, yet many of them will smile, so know they have been touched as well.

How Free Hugs Began: Free Hugs began in 2004 by Juan Mann in Australia. Feeling alone, he made a free hugs sign and stood in a public location holding his sign. It was new, it was scary, it was powerful. He continued to offers hugs to strangers and the movement continued to grow. The 2006 original free hug video brought the movement to a global scale. CLICK HERE to read his story.